What Is Conscious Travel?

For Quintessentially Africa, conscious travel is about making sustainable choices, supporting communities, and protecting our wildlife and the environment. It’s about going the extra eco-mile, doing the research, and making the most responsible travel decision possible. We believe that conscious travel means a conscious lifestyle, where many small actions can make a large impact. The choices we make in our lifestyles play a role in climate change—from the food we buy and eat to our choice of transport during a holiday. These actions, regardless of how small, can have a profound impact when combined with thousands of others with the same conscious mindset. 

Conscious Travel


We are passionate about conservation and supporting sustainable tourism, and in recent years, there has been a dramatic push towards ecotourism in the luxury sector. The way we travel today has changed. More and more travellers are opting for conscious travel rather than the past generic, one-size-fits-all approach. All our travel partners work hard to support and empower the local communities and are committed to developing rural villages, and conserving the environment. Many of the safari lodges and camps are solar-powered and go the extra eco-mile to recycle and make use of water systems efficiently. At Quintessentially Africa, we want to enhance our traveller’s appreciation of the natural world, while reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. 

Carbon Offsetting

Making a Difference with Conscious Travel

It is essential that we recognize the impact our travel has on the environment, and take action to reduce and mitigate our carbon footprint wherever we can. By being conscious in both travel and lifestyle choices, we can reduce our carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions to support a low-carbon sustainable future. While carbon offsetting is not a long-term solution, we encourage our travellers to offset their holidays through Gold Standard. Offsetting is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions globally and empower local communities around the world. Other accredited schemes we support include:

Climatecare – a UK-based organization that offers offset calculators for travel and home energy use. The organization supports projects that protect rainforests in Sierra Leone and provide efficient cooking stoves in Kenya. 

Carbon Footprint Ltd – a UK-based organisation that offers offset calculators for travel. Projects that you can choose to contribute towards include planting trees in the UK and reforestation in Kenya. 

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