How to Become a Recycling Superhero

Becoming a recycling superhero is easier than you think.

For the last three years, the Global Recycling Day campaign has created awareness of the importance of recycling to protect and preserve natural resources and, in the process, secure the future of Planet Earth. The message is clear—reduce it, refuse it, and re-use it.

Below, we recommend tips on how you can become a recycling superhero.

Recycling Superhero

Avoid single-use items

Swap single-use items for more sustainable and reusable options. These include pasta straws instead of plastic straws, a buy a reusable coffee cup instead of using a takeaway cup, and buy a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic bottle.

Get separate recycle bins

Make a habit of separating thrash items into different bins. Using colour-coded bins for waste management makes it easy as they clearly distinguish which bins are used for each type of waste item.

Discard electronics safely

Keep discarded electronic devices and used batteries separate from general waste. Rather take them to a suitable and certified recycling facility or store.

Switch to paperless statements and bills

Forego the postal route and ask for bank statements, municipal and other bills to be sent electronically through email or via an online link.

Use old fabric for cleaning

Get rid of paper-based items when cleaning the house. Instead, use old fabric like towels and linen to clean kitchens and bathrooms.

Start a compost heap

Don’t throw away food scraps like vegetable and fruit peels. Get a dedicated spot and start a compost heap to be used in the garden.

Recycle greywater

Collect runoff water from the shower and the bath to use for flushing the toilet. Store rainwater for general use in and around the house.

Donate old clothes

Go through the closet regularly and remove items that haven’t been worn for a while. Donate the clothes to local charities or thrift stores.

Purchase recycled items

Instead of buying new items and adding to the trash in landfills, rather purchase recycled products made from materials that have been re-utilised.

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